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roku link to enter my code

Enter roku activation code to activate roku streaming device at Check steps how to get code for roku activation and connect it to your device.

How to find Roku link code from TV?

The Roku Link Code on the TV is displayed only after all the steps of the hardware, software and wireless/wired setup have been completed. The hardware setup requires pairing the remote along with the player and then completing all the necessary questions or prompts that appear on the screen.

How to activate roku device using roku link code?

Once you get the Roku activation code, you can proceed to activate your device and start streaming content. Below is a step-by-step look at the activation process:

  1. Go to roku link to enter my code - on a computer browser, phone, or tablet and enter the link code from your TV in the prompted section and click on “Submit” button.
  2. Log into your account (or create a new one) and complete the set up by providing all the prompted information and selecting the channels to add to your streaming device.
  3. After the online set-up is complete, the Roku screen will update, and the selected channels will be added to the streaming device.

Which Channels Are Supported By Roku?

Roku is equipped with a variety of streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, YoutubeTV, Pluto TV, String TV, HBO Now, HBO GO, Plex, Apple TV and a lot more. All you need is to complete the Roku Activation on your device and you are all set to add and watch your favorite channels and services on your Roku device.

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