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Enter roku activation code

Enter roku activation code to activate roku streaming device at Check steps how to get code for roku activation and connect it to your device.

What is roku activation code?

If you forgot your password, choose forgot password option while sign in. An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Click on the provided link and then you have to enter the new password, re-enter the new password. Then your Roku account password has been successfully changed. Once the account setup has been successfully completed, then you have to setup your newly bought Roku device. After that only you will be able to activate your Roku device. Following steps will guide you to setup your Roku device to get the roku activation code.

How to Connect Roku device to get activation code?

  1. First of all you have to connect the Power Chord to your Roku device and you have to connect your Roku device to your TV.
  2. Once the light in Roku device blinks you have to press the Source/Input button in your TV Remote.
  3. Select the source/port in which your Roku device was connected to your TV. Now you can see the Roku logo bouncing on your TV Screen.
  4. Then you have to pair up the Roku remote to your TV if it is an enhanced remote. First remove the battery cover from the remote then press and hold the button at back side of Roku remote until the pairing process get completed.
  5. Press the “OK” button in your remote. When your TV says “Let’s get started” and then it will move to the next page.
  6. You can choose the preferred language by scroll down using arrow keys in your Roku remote.
  7. Choose the type of network connection whether it is wired or wireless. Connect the network cable in the Ethernet port from your home router to your Roku device and select the wired option.
  8. If you are choosing the wireless connection, then select your home network name and enter the correct password.
  9. After your Roku device is successfully connected to the network, it will automatically looks for software update.
  10. Roku device will update its software to the latest version for the better functioning.
  11. Set the display type that corresponds to your TV and control your TV by checking the remote settings.
  12. After the device setup has been successfully completed, you will be directed to the activation Screen (To activate your Roku Device, you have to visit and follow the on-screen instructions that appears on the website).

Steps to activate roku with roku activation code

  1. Go to your web browser and open This link will help you to land on main product page.
  2. After that login into your registered Roku account or create account if you don’t have one.
  3. Enter roku activation code here and click on submit button.
  4. Congratulation your device is now linked to your TV.

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